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misdemeanor and felony attorney specializing in self-defense cases.

Criminal law and procedure is a very complex area of practice that requires a nuanced understanding of constitutional and statutory law, evidence, and investigations. You want to hire a trial attorney who has a demonstrable record of success. Some cases should be pled out, some cases should go to trial, and some cases should be resolved by other means. Regardless of what path your case should take for resolution, there are a wide array of measures that an experienced trial attorney can take to increase the chances of a successful outcome. Whether that means a skilled investigator needs to be hired on your case to hunt down favorable facts for our side, or your case requires more rigorous legal analysis and motions filed for oral arguments, we will know how to guide your case and navigate through the rough waters of our criminal justice system.  


We maintain a special focus on self-defense cases where the alleged defendant was actually the victim of unlawful force and used self defense in order to avoid serious physical injury or even death. However, beyond this, we routinely take on cases ranging from misdemeanor thefts and traffic offenses ranging all the way to certain major felony and Measure 11 crimes. When you are under investigation or formally charged with a crime, you have a lot of constitutional rights that are triggered; rights that are designed to protect you while the government targets you for a criminal prosecution. It is important for you to remember that the government carries the burden of showing you committed a crime, not the other way around. You need not talk to the police and should talk to an attorney before you say or do anything.


attorney who can help you erase your criminal record.

If you have previous arrests and/or convictions in your life and wish to put your past behind you, you may qualify to have such records sealed. There are many factors that inform whether you qualify to have a previous arrest and/or conviction erased off your record such as the nature of the offense, the length of time that has passed since conviction, and what you have done during that time, among other things. It is absolutely critical for you to erase any criminal history that you can off your record. Many convictions will prevent you from qualifying for good jobs, owning firearms, and being able to rent a home, among other things. Further, many previous convictions that have not been erased off your record will make you vulnerable to a criminal history score that will bring longer sentencing guidelines in the event you commit a new crime. If you want to free yourself from your past, contact us today.


firearms restoration for gun owners.

Under Oregon law, individuals who have lost their right to own and possess firearms may have their rights restored if they qualify and can show by clear and convincing evidence that they are not a safety threat. There are certain convictions that will bar someone from ever having their rights restored. However, many convictions, whether felony or otherwise, will not destroy your ability to petition the court to exercise your constitutional right to own and possess firearms again. 

These cases can be tricky; courts are given a lot of discretion, even if you qualify, to deny your restoration request. It takes an experienced litigation attorney who understands how to build and present a compelling case to successfully win. If you believe you qualify to have these rights restored, and you have cleaned up your life and wish to leave your past behind you, contact us today. 

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