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Becker Law, LLC

Phone: 541-223-5897

Aaron Becker established this law firm to focus on both personal injury law and criminal defense. He has extensive litigation experience from his time working in state and federal court in both civil and criminal law. Whether you have been injured by someone's negligence, accused of a crime and felt the power of the government coming after you, or you wish to put your past behind you because you want to enjoy the benefits of life again such as obtaining a good job or owning firearms, we are here to fight for you.​


We realize that most people do not enjoy having to find and hire an attorney; it is usually in the midst of a difficult life event where the need to hire an attorney arises. Beyond this, some people find attorneys to be out of touch and difficult to communicate with. We agree and understand the feeling. Here, we believe that relatability and understanding with our clients and staff is critical to being successful in this field. I have always been told that I am approachable and easy to communicate with by my clients and many of my colleagues. I'll approach your case with these skills in hand. Hiring us to represent you will hopefully bring you a lot of comfort in knowing you have a team on your side who understands and can relate to you both as a client and person. 


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